Hairazors Tips for Brides

Should I schedule a practice run for my hair and makeup?

Yes! Just like how you rehearse the ceremony, we want to rehearse your hair and make-up. It's a great way to fine tune your hair design and makeup. During the practice run we help you make decisions about up vs. down, curled vs. straight, veil placement, etc. A practice run gives us a plan so that we create a look that is exactly what you want–no last-minute jitters or adjustments on the day. We want you to enjoy your wedding day, confident that you will look exactly how you envisioned.

Quick Tip!

Save time on your wedding day and book your bridal portraits / getting ready photos on the same day as your hair and make-up trial. You’ll get extra mileage from your gorgeous hair style, and won't be worried about photo ops being missed in the flurry of the wedding day.

What should my bridesmaids and I wear to our hair and makeup appointments?

Button up or zip up shirts without huge collars are the perfect choice. Hoodies, T-shirts, turtle necks, and other pull-over type shirts can smudge make-up and frizz hair when you try to take them off after you’ve been styled.

Should I shampoo my hair before my appointment on my wedding day?

It depends on your hair texture, density, and length. Depending on what style you wish to have, your stylist may recommend specific hair care instructions. The general rule is to shampoo and dry your hair the day before your appointment. Please do not arrive with wet or very dirty hair. This will affect the overall look of your hair.

My hair is super frizzy. How can I keep it from becoming a flyaway mess on my wedding day?

An agave treatment is your answer. The agave straightening treatment smooths away all frizz and flyaways, and creates a far more manageable texture. Your hair not only looks sleek and amazing on your wedding day – it greatly reduces styling time and will also look fabulous on your honeymoon with almost no effort.

What type of look should I choose for my makeup?

Stay true to your style. You will feel the most beautiful and comfortable in your skin if you stick close to what you usually enjoy wearing, just with a little extra glamour.

Quick Tip!

After your make-up trial test your make-up in various types of lighting (indoor and outdoor), in sunlight, etc. Take a photo with flash on. Then, if any adjustments need to be made, we can tweak your look accordingly.

Quick Tip!

If you are tanning (spray tan, sunlight, tanning bed) before your wedding, ensure that you are shade matched correctly at your trial so your stylist can plan accordingly.